Proper pre-testing and counseling of the student is our focus.

Step 1

The competition is heavy for college scholarships. Do not delay the process. Click the link below for the proper senior timeline in marching toward college.

Senior Timeline

Step 2

Start the A.C.T. process by pre-registering below.

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Step 3

Get ready for the test of your young life by ordering and receiving an A.C.T. prep guide.

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Step 4

Understand your weaknesses by taking a free A.C.T. practice test online! You do not have to leave your home to test yourself, and once again, it's FREE!

Download Your Free Practice Test

Step 5

Where do I take the test? Enter the proper city and state information by using the tab below.

Find a Testing Location

Step 6

Once you receive your test score, order your test answers and answer key to determine your weaknesses and strengths. This is called a TIR Form (test information release). This will let you know the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly.

Get the Answer Key

Step 7

This video will give you an idea of the hours of prep time you need monthly outside of our class to achieve your score goal. It will also help you to understand what MIND AND BODY DEVELOPMENT GROUP is attempting to do for our students. Have fun and get excited!

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